Hi, I’m Tana. Who am I, you ask?
I’m a life coach and expedition leader of the soul. I help people discover their passion while creating a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle that truly honors and reflects their values and life’s mission.

Who are you?
You are in transition or ready for a change. You are looking for passion, purpose, your legacy maybe?
You know you were meant for big things so why are you playing small?

And what is Simple Life Synergy
It’s about living in balance,
Synergistically, where every aspect of your life works together to honor who you are
It’s about living simply,

and most importantly, it’s about living by Intention. It’s about tuning out the “shoulds” and creating the life YOU want.

slider So many of us are moving through life being good little boys and girls, living according to some script that we never wrote- a script we may not even want. It’s your life story, it’s time to write your own script!

My message is simple. Turn off the TV and think for yourself. (don’t worry, it’s only a metaphor – well, mostly)

But you’ve been doing what “they said” to do for so long, you might’ve lost touch with that inner voice. You may not know what it IS you want, much less how to get it.

I will help you unravel the mystery and get your passion out into the world.

Let’s throw out the rule book and get real, shall we?

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