My Story

I guess you could say I’ve always danced to my own tune. My mother used to call me a Bohemian and an “out-of-place flower child”. While my fellow graduates were climbing up the corporate ladder, I was volunteering in the mountains of Kentucky and bottle-feeding baby cows in California. Born with a quest for adventure and a passion for making a difference, I have taught sustainable living workshops, volunteered with numerous animal rescue organizations and raised over $14,000 individually and $67,000 as part of a team for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

My love of simple living arouse out of a decision to go backpacking solo around South America for a year. At the age of 36, I found myself ‘stuck’ in an uninspiring job, feeling like the world was passing me by as I watched from the dim light of my cubicle. Downsizing my life into a 6×6 foot storage locker and a backpack, I followed my passion into the heart of the jungle, volunteering and entertaining the folks back home through my pictures and blog entries. I’ve never felt so free or happy as I did when all my possessions fit in a bag I could carry on my back. Somewhere between here and the South Hemisphere, I learned some valuable lessons:

1. It’s never too late to follow your passion
2. Life is meant to be lived with full freedom, self-expression & purpose.
3. The less stuff you own, the more free you are
4. Never listen to anyone else who tells you what you “should” want, do or buy. The only one who knows that is you. And it’s different for every person.

Although I no longer live out of a backpack, I have kept the lessons of intentional living in mind and enjoy helping others discover their passion while creating a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle that truly honors and reflects their values and life’s mission.




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