TV free: Day 9

Resolve: Strong Mood: Introspective Today I got another opportunity to try out my teaching skills with the class I’m assiting in. Last week I felt like I fell on my face, but this week went really well! I got kudos from the lead instructor, who said I did a “magical job”!  Wooo Hooo! After last […]

TV free: Day 8

Resolve: Strong Mood: Happy I’m feeling grateful today, for so many things. A part time gig with a really great boss. My fur kids. A sunny warm day. After working all day, I was  proud that I came home and turned right around to go out to Kirtan. As it has always been, music is […]

TV free: Day 5

Resolve: Moderate Mood: Low I didn’t post yesterday because I went to an outdoor concert. It was fun, and decidedly NOT in my house (yay for getting out), but it left me quite worn out. In my ongoing battle with adrenal fatigue, there are times when I feel mostly fine, and then there are days […]