TV free: 37 days

Resolve: Weak Mood: Bored I must confess that I’m REAAAALLY missing TV this week. Aside from desperately missing my favorite show (which is on hiatus until September), I think it’s mostly boredom. For me, summer usually involves staying outside until the very last glimmer of light fades. By then it’s almost 9 pm. But now […]

TV free: 30 days!

Well, here it is! 30 days with no TV. (Almost). In truth, I did watch less than 10 minutes of it throughout the month. Once I was walking through the living room and, without thinking, plopped down on the couch where my roommate was watching TV. And then for another 2 minutes on his birthday. […]

TV free: Day 19

Resolve: Strong Mood: Bored It’s Friday evening after a long day. I worked hard and played big, but now my brain is pretty fried and i’m feeling tired. Too tired to go out and play, not tired enough to go to bed early.  This would be the perfect situation to watch television, and i’m REAAALLY […]

TV free: Day 12

Resolve: Strong Mood: Exhausted Is exhausted a mood? Haha. Well, it’s been 12 days without TV, and as I’d hoped, life is starting to feel pretty normal without it. I don’t think much about turning it on, nor do I feel very tempted by it. Frankly, I haven’t had the time lately. I’ve been putting […]


In the frenetic pace of life, scurrying around checking off “to-do” lists, it often takes all of our energy just to maintain our busy lives. Auto-pilot takes over and we run around doing what needs to be done.  So when is the last time joy snuck up on you? That quiet little flame that fills […]

10 Reasons Why Being Homeless Isn’t the Worst Way to Start the New Year

Last week I gave my 30 day notice on my beloved home of 5 years. It’s the culmination of a year-long fight to replace the income from the job I lost a year ago. While everyone is running around putting up lights and trees and merrily buying presents, I’m packing up my belongings and relinquishing […]