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Life Coaching
Whether you are in transition and looking for some direction, wanting to live simply and don’t know where to start, or need some help and clarity in moving forward with your goals, I can help.

I have a deep understanding and affinity for:
– Creatives
– Dreamers
– The Black Sheep of the world
– Those who feel called to a play big but find themselves playing small
– Women in transition, looking to find their passion or legacy
– Those from dis-empowering backgrounds who struggle with confidence and need help finding their voice

I am currently offering several packages and discount promos.
Please contact me for details or to book your 30 minute Free consultation.

Energy Healing
Energy work promotes profound relaxation and self-healing by balancing and correcting disturbances in the human energy field. Along with Reiki, Quantum Touch and sound healing techniques, I also use my intuition and clairaudience to bring awareness and healing energy to specific areas, while relaying any messages I may receive from spirit. (Energy work is performed fully clothed using light touch and can be done in person or via distance). I also offer animal Reiki.

I am happy to travel to your location.



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